"OOOch – my new bike hurts!"

Getting comfortable on your bicycle means a more enjoyable ride, more time in the mountains, longer stretches of road, or more time at the gym without the agony, irritation and muscle discomfort. Time for bike seat covers or saddle covers?

After continuous riding, most riders have suffered from Prostate Problems, Numbness, Chafing, Muscle and Groin pain. Over the years many designers have developed crazy concepts to overcome the discomfort of an enjoyable sport and recreation with no commercial success. This is mainly due to the poor aesthetics of massive seats and the price demands that keep manufacturers fitting minimal seats to new bikes.


If your experiencing pain then the fastest low cost option is to put padded bike seat covers on your bicycle seats. 

Narrow Saddle Covers

Seat Cover Designs:

The design of your bike seat covers must not only fit your seat, but also fit you. Lets explore the different options of seat covers


Gel is a great shock absorbent material that molds to the contours of your body. Gel is contained in an outer body, mainly Lycra, and has a fixed volume. what this means is that when you sit on a gel seat, the gel moves to the contour of your body distributing your downward pressure across the pad of the bike seat cover. The only downside to Gel is that it is heavier than foam


Foam has good shock absorbent properties and contours to your body shape. When you sit on foam it compresses, distributing your weight less than gel as more pressure is applied in the compressed area. Foam is lighter than gel. 


These are covers that are raised on the seat area and have a cut out through the center in an attempt to reduce the pressure through the center of the Saddle. This is a great option is you are experiencing genital discomfort.